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Be cool, stay in school...

Ok, thanks to my wonderful calculus skills, which I am actually using right now, but I am really only using a calculator...

If each of us gets 3 more people to join (you see there are 5 wonderful people in my community right now! I love you all!!) We will have 20 beautiful people who love spider-man. (You can see where this is going right, so I can stop pretending I'm using a calculator and just let you figure it out...) Ok, see, it can't be that hard. I just ask that we keep the freaky fan fic stuff to a minimum. Meaning--please no slashing Spidey and Green Goblin for example, it's just odd. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Three people?? Can you do it?? I will seriousley mail/give the first person who gets 3 people to join a really cool Spidey thing, and you will be happy and love the community and get even more people to join.

Love, Lauren

ps.. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not go into other Spider-man communities and bash their community. Only positive recruitment!!
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