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Here's what I don't get 
12:52pm 14/02/2006
mood: curious
dailybugle, human_spider, lethalprotector, spider_man_fans, spiderman_love, ultimate_marvel, web_shooter, & Spidey's HangoutWebheads

From what I know of the Ultimate version of Venom the symbiote's really just a suit that was designed to cure cancer. It's not much with the brains itself but that's not really the point. The thing about it that really kinda bites is that there's a major plot·hole involved with it.

See, Pete wears it for a time and then breaks free of it...after which he destroyed the thing. Eddie Brock had the good sense to make more than one version of the suit and after he figured Pete's whole power trip with it he figured he'd give it a shot himself. Now, the problem with this is that the suit started making moves and decisions, overriding Brock for the most part, as though it had the memories from it's being connected to Pete...

...only this suit was never attached to Pete. That was a different suit that had been destroyed. You read all the little boxes and character thoughts and it's all pointing to the suit knowing the whole of Pete's deal from his having worn it...which he didn't.

I like to think the guy's at Marvel aren't this dumb. Then again, they could've had a kegger in the office that day.

So, what's the deal with this mess?

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12:04am 04/05/2004
  Icon up for grabs:


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03:54pm 02/03/2004

made by lemmingz_attack

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05:31pm 04/02/2004
mood: excited
Did I mention how excitedCollapse ) I am?!?

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12:35am 19/12/2003
mood: content
When I went to the midnight showing of LOTR 3 I saw the preview for Spiderman 2... it was beautiful!! I cannot wait! July is so far away.

Go watch the trailer! It's amazing =)

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New Member 
02:40am 13/11/2003
mood: stressed
Hi! I just joined. I am a huge fan of Spider-Man. I got hooked on the animated series (I have all of it on disk). I have recently gotten into the comic book. I also enjoy drawing Spidey. *edit* My Deviant Art gallery has some of my best pieces and lots of other stuff.

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03:03pm 04/11/2003
  How many days until July 2, 2004?  

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hmmm... a little dusty but i'm sure it still works 
02:46pm 03/10/2003
  When's the next spidey movie?

I am dying to go to Universal Studios and hit the Spider-man ride. It is amazing!

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01:55pm 10/07/2003
  i fucking rule.  

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New member 
01:22pm 29/06/2003
  Greetings true believers!

I just joined the community and wanted to say hi. As a brief introduction:

* I'm mostly into the old comics, 60's & 70's, some of the 80's

* My favourite villain is Carnage

* When I'm walking on the street I frequently imagine I'm web-swinging (when I'm not flying an x-wing that is)

* I got into Spider-man at the age of three through the 70's tv-show (not the animated one, but the one with real people in it)

* I'm also an amateur photographer (for some of my photos feel free to visit my journal)

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08:36am 27/05/2003
  Do you think spider-man's web should come from inside his wrist or be mechanical?  

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12:36pm 22/04/2003
mood: confused
Has anyone been on the Spider-man ride in Universal Studios (Islands of Adventure)? It is the most amazing 3d/ride in the entire world. Just to let you know.

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10:19pm 04/04/2003
mood: cheerful
I would like to say hello to all the new members and encourage you to post cause thats what all the cool people do. Nothing much going on on the Spidey front. I bought pajama pants :)

love, lauren

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Yay for Target 
08:13pm 03/04/2003
mood: accomplished
I bought a Spider-man rug for my little brother today. Hit target and pick one up for $7.00! It's quite amazing...

Of course I had to get a batman rug and pants for myself (holding off on the visor/socks/ect...)

Spidey TowelsCollapse )

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Be cool, stay in school... 
09:43pm 01/04/2003
mood: energetic
Ok, thanks to my wonderful calculus skills, which I am actually using right now, but I am really only using a calculator...

If each of us gets 3 more people to join (you see there are 5 wonderful people in my community right now! I love you all!!) We will have 20 beautiful people who love spider-man. (You can see where this is going right, so I can stop pretending I'm using a calculator and just let you figure it out...) Ok, see, it can't be that hard. I just ask that we keep the freaky fan fic stuff to a minimum. Meaning--please no slashing Spidey and Green Goblin for example, it's just odd. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Three people?? Can you do it?? I will seriousley mail/give the first person who gets 3 people to join a really cool Spidey thing, and you will be happy and love the community and get even more people to join.

Love, Lauren

ps.. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not go into other Spider-man communities and bash their community. Only positive recruitment!!

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09:32am 29/03/2003
mood: awake
When is the next Spidey movie coming out? I think we need a counter on here =)

Also, who are the villains in it?

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maybe this one will work 
11:22pm 28/03/2003
mood: bored

Doc Ock

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10:59pm 28/03/2003
mood: creative
Nina you need to post so I dont look so loser-ish!!

I want to proclaim Doctor Octupus my favorite Spidey evil guy.


that site has pretty good info if you don't know a lot about Doc Ock.


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03:53pm 28/03/2003
mood: cheerful
Did you know they have a special 9-11 Amazing Spider man series? I am in shock...I think its interesting how actual events are shaping comics.

I have a question for all you wonderful spidey fans, which do you prefer:

The Amazing Spider-Man
Peter Parker: Spider-Man
Ultimate Spider-Man

Personally I like The Amazing Spider-Man

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10:44pm 26/03/2003
mood: content
Hey, this is just a test post. I am trying to get the colors and icon right, but it is slightly difficult without an entry!


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